The Timeline of My Life

I think people tend to have knee-jerk reactions to certain things in life. See free samples at the grocery store, try one. See a camera in the vicinity, smile. See that Facebook changed its layout, whine. I want to talk about Facebook’s latest makeover, the timeline, and why I actually like it and I think it’s  good for both individual and company pages.

First, the cover photo. At first I thought it was just a second profile picture, but a few days before graduation, my university Florida State shared special Class of 2012 cover photos that changed my mind.

The cover photo can be used to give profiles a more creative look, and I also like the idea of sharing cover photos for special occasions. Fans will appreciate a creative cover photo to commemorate a special event, when they use it their network will be exposed to the brand.

The fact that the timeline can span back indefinitely also lets both people and companies share their history. Now I’m not limited to posting about what happens to me in the present. If I wanted I could create an album for a childhood vacation or my high school graduation and post it to the year when it happened. Companies have taken advantage of this feature to share where they came from with their fans.

And finally, highlights and life events. Before, all status updates were created equal. Now, my Master’s graduation can stand apart as more important than my desire to learn how to braid my hair or the day my mother finally accepted my friend request. Similarly, companies can direct their fans’ attention to the more important information by strategically highlighting statuses.

That’ll be Master Sully now.

I’ll admit that I haven’t always been a happy camper when Facebook implements changes, but I have no complaints about the timeline. I think it makes it easier for both individuals and companies to share what is most important to them.

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