Pinning Up a Storm

My first week in Washington has been exciting. We have a new apartment, a new car, and the sun deigned to come out today so we went to Juanita Bay in Lake Washington.

That’s as far in the water as I’m getting!

I’ve also entertained myself by daydreaming about the furniture that will fill my new apartment. Luckily for me, there’s now a place where I can easily store pictures of my new furniture: Pinterest. Slowly but surely, Pinterest has become part of my daily routine, whether browsing through pins or mindlessly clicking on the “pin it” button on my toolbar when I see something I like.

Pinterest is a great tool for my daily life, but this neat infographic about its growth made me start thinking about how Pinterest can be used in marketing. I’m put off if a company uses social media solely to talk about themselves. There has to be a good ratio of conversation to self-promotion.  But I feel it could be difficult for brands to keep a good ratio on Pinterest since posting images that they do not own could be considered copyright infringement.

So I decided to check out Etsy’s Pinterest page since they are one of the most popular brand Pinterest pages. Since the running joke is that Pinterest lets you plan your dream wedding even if you’re not engaged (not me, though, I’ll wait until he puts a ring on it), I went straight to their Etsy Wedding board.

The board pins items that you can buy at Etsy (I drooled over this necklace for a bit), but the board also pins wedding ideas from bloggers. I can see the symbiotic relationship here: Etsy gets content other than self-promotion and bloggers increase traffic to their sites. The blogs Etsy pins offer DIY wedding ideas like this centerpiece made of bottles and flowers, and this fits very well into Etsy’s brand of being a handmade, vintage marketplace. I thought it was a great example of social media marketing on Pinterest.

How do your favorite brands use Pinterest? Does it keep you interested?

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