Branding in the Details

I’ve taken up quite a few personal projects over the past few weeks. This website, and a new hobby, making jewelry. Yesterday, I decided it was time to make myself some business cards, so that meant it was also time to use a tool I’d always shied away from: Photoshop. I’m pretty satisfied with the end result:

I spent a long time deciding how much information I wanted to include and, with the inspiration of an online template, how I wanted it to look. Then, I decided to buy business card printing paper so I could save money on a professional printer. That didn’t turn out to be such a great idea. The images didn’t fit exactly into each cutout. At first, I thought I could salvage a few, but then I realized that after paying so much attention to detail in the content of the card, I shouldn’t allow sloppy printing.

I believe that in branding, details make a difference. I remember reading an article about the symbolism hidden in logos for popular brands. My favorite hidden meaning is in the Amazon logo, with the arrow under doing double duty as an arrow pointing from the a to the z, meaning that the website has any product imaginable, and as a smile, meaning satisfied customers. It’s such an amazingly subtle detail. While my business card may not be nearly as clever as the Amazon logo, I want to show the same attention to detail in my personal brand.

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