Bros Don’t Use Girly Shampoo

I’ve mentioned before how much I love Pinterest. I use it to pin the pretty furniture and clothes that I dream about, the hair, makeup, and nail ideas that inspire me, and the vegetarian recipes that have made me a healthier and more creative cook. It’s such a great tool that when my boyfriend wanted to make a list of the furniture he wants, I sent him an invitation. Five minutes later, he declared that he could not use a website where every other post was a wedding dress. He’s just another guy who feels Pinterest is not manly enough for him.

The onslaught of “manlier” versions of Pinterest like Gentlemint and Manteresting made me think about how men have become conditioned to only use products that somehow signal “manliness.” The best example of this is in hygiene products.  Take shampoo, for instance. To me, shampoo is a unisex product, but try to convince a man to buy one of these bottles of Suave and he will most likely refuse. Instead, he’ll probably reach over for Suave Men in its black container and comfortingly emblazoned with the word MEN. A quick look at the ingredients list shows me that they’re made of pretty much the same ingredients, with the men’s shampoo having a few less ingredients. That’s the amazing power of marketing: making people feel that a product is “for them” through the brand’s image and voice.

How does branding affect your purchase decisions? Is there a product that makes you feel it was made especially for people like you?

On a side note, since my first post about Pinterest, I’ve gone much further into Lake Washington.

In the middle of Lake Washington with Mt. Rainier in the horizon.

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