Severe Weather Approaching? Post it on Facebook!

I’m really loving Washington, but it’s also odd to think that I won’t be returning to Florida. No more walking around the FSU campus or trips to Panama City… or receiving FSU Alerts.

FSU Alert is Florida State’s emergency management system. Every time severe weather is approaching or a crime happens, students and staff receive a text message warning them so they can promptly panic (and seek shelter). Last year, FSU Alert also began to consistently use Facebook for the alert messages. I am still a fan of their page (some things are hard to let go of, okay?), and this morning FSU Alert posted a status update that made me think:

The power of social media really is amazing. Last week, Tropical Storm Debby hit Florida, and FSU Alert constantly posted updates on Facebook, keeping students informed and hopefully safe through a medium that they know students respond to. As a non-Florida native unaccustomed to strong wind, I would have been panicking the entire time, but I’m sure that I would have found the alerts useful and reassuring like I have in the past.

Unafraid to admit my fears in a public forum.

During my time at Florida State, trees fell, wildfires roared, and students got hurt, and I always knew about it thanks to Facebook. I appreciate how the university has kept up with the media that students are plugged into.  I also appreciate this unforgettable video about the harsh truth of the Tallahassee winter:

What amazes you the most about social media?

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