If Your Walls Could Talk

My apartment is finally shaping up. Or at least, my TV isn’t on top of a plastic drawer anymore. I love the entertainment center I bought because it has a few shelves that I can use to display some decorations.

Fabulous décor, right?

I had been really eager to add some personal touches to my apartment, like our graduation pictures, a Panamanian craft my mother brought me as a present, and my photo album of the past five years. To me, my space is an extension of my personal brand; it should tell a story about who I am and what is important to me. I think my shelf makes it clear that my education, my Panamanian roots, and my memories are important to me.

Restaurant franchises are a great example of the way businesses use space to communicate the brand. Across states and even across countries, franchises retain the same look so customers feel the familiarity from the moment they step inside even if they’ve never visited that particular location. Personally, I think it’s the reason why travelers overwhelmed by local cuisine end up at McDonald’s: it looks safe and familiar in the midst of  unfamiliarity.

What does your space say about you?

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One Response to If Your Walls Could Talk

  1. Maru says:

    My space sais… mothehood!!.. hahaha te quiero lully!! Miss u lots… I’m glad your little love nest is growing as you two grow in your relationship.

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