Animal Fan Pages

While some people stop to gawk at babies, I stop to gawk at animals. Whenever I come across a dog, cat, rabbit,  even an especially colorful bird, I will stop, stare, and squeal about its cuteness. There’s something about seeing a cat on a windowsill or a dog on a walk that just makes me happy. So to keep the happiness going online, I “like” a few animal pages on Facebook, and there are two that stick out to me as being great PR aids.

One is Biggest Loser, Doxie Edition. Obie is a 70-pound dachshund on a quest to shed over half his weight, and he has over 50,000 fans on Facebook. His owner, Nora, has leveraged Obie’s social media popularity to tell his story through more traditional media (he was even on Live! with Kelly and Michael). Through these efforts, Nora has been able to acquire everything Obie needs for his weight loss through fan donations. And it looks like Obie has become so popular that everything he touches turns to gold. He made these paw print cards to send as thank you notes, and now his fans want to know if they are for sale.

The other is Molu The Cockatoo. Molu is a cockatoo at the Cougar Mountain Zoo in Issaquah, WA, and I “liked” his page after I went to the zoo and saw the sign on his birdcage announcing his Facebook page. The updates are written from Molu’s point of view, and fans get the sense that he is sarcastic and witty. Among his random musings about biting his keeper and noisy zoo guests, he also writes about events at the zoo and deals advice about caring for birds. Molu’s page keeps the community interested in the zoo and also encourages fans to send presents for Molu and his bird friends.

Last week, I wrote about how social media needs to yield a return on investment. Obie and Molu are great examples of Facebook pages where engagement turns into action. There is more to these pages than fawning over cute animals. Fans are interacting with the pages, and they are also donating to Obie and to the zoo. Obie’s owner and the zookeepers invest their time on these pages, and in return they receive donations that help them care for their animals.

Are there any Facebook pages that you find surprisingly effective at yielding ROI?

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