About Me

My name is Sully Moreno, and I am more than a resume. I was born in the Republic of Panama and I lived there until I was 19, when I moved to Tallahassee, Florida to go to Florida State University.

Panama is beautiful!

I got my BA and my MA at Florida State. I loved teaching speech class and I was so honored that my professors chose me as the Outstanding Master’s Student in MCS the semester I graduated, Spring 2012. Tallahassee grew on me during my time at Florida State, but I just started a new adventure and moved to the Seattle area in Washington in May 2012. My very intelligent boyfriend got a job at Microsoft!

Loving Washington!

In July 2012, we added a furry new member to our family, our kitten Katniss. Like her namesake, she is a great hunter!

My not-so-hidden talent is nail art. Give me a thin brush and polish and I can do some pretty cool things.

No plain French nails for me

I celebrate small victories every day when I find more ways that I can become the healthiest version of myself. Like making my own tomato sauce, or better yet, using my homemade tomato sauce to make a homemade pizza. And now that I’ve moved to Washington, I’m taking full advantage of the mountains and taken up hiking.

At Rattlesnake Ledge

At Rattlesnake Ledge

In December 2012, I married my husband, Robert. After four years, two moves, and one cat together, our lives were already intertwined into one, and we only needed a beautiful, emotional ceremony to make it official.


Wearing my cape at my outdoor winter wedding

Wearing my cape at my outdoor winter wedding

It’s hard to believe I have already lived in Washington for over a year. It’s been wonderful and I am excited for what the future may hold.

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