For a complete summary of my work experience, here is my resume. My skills and interests can be quickly summarized in three categories: content creation, project management, and research. All three are intersected by my passion for multicultural marketing.

Content Creation

My earliest professional experience is in public relations, where I became proficient in writing content for press releases, e-mail campaigns, and collateral. I created and tracked social media content when I volunteered as Social Media Coordinator for the neighborhood of South Park when I first moved to the Seattle area, where I increased reach by over 100%.

Currently, I am Content Coordinator at Microsoft, where I create strategic communication documents for account team in support of their sales goals. In this role, I produce content in English, Spanish, and French, and I work with teams from the United States, Canada, and the Latin American region, infusing a multicultural element to my work. I am also a writer for, where I contribute articles on diverse topics ranging from current events to book reviews to opinion pieces.

Project Management

As a graduate student, I was a teaching assistant for courses on public speaking and Hispanic marketing. This was my first venture into project management, with each semester being a project that I needed to coordinate according to my syllabus. After graduation, I was an adjunct instructor for a course on multicultural marketing, and aside from managing the course I managed two teaching assistants.

In my current role, I manage the translation process for Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Canadian French content. I proactively identify which content requires translation, as well as reactively process requests from others in my team, work with the translation vendor on a timeline for translation, and upon translation manage a translation review process. I created the best-in-class review process that my global team uses to review content in 12 localized languages, and I manage this process for Spanish content.



I enjoy conducting primary qualitative research, such as focus groups and ethnographic studies, and presenting my findings in the form of creative briefs and account plans. I also led the development of a strategic plan as an intern at Onyx Group, from research to writing to presenting findings to the owner. The most interesting part of the process was conducting primary research and deriving strategies objectives and recommendations.

I have also conducted academic research while I was obtaining my Master’s degree. Merging my interests in multicultural communication and gender studies, I chose to write my Master’s thesis on the topic of messages of beauty, race, and gender in children’s literature. My 101 page thesis is a bit long for a casual read, but this short excerpt explains why I feel passionate about the topic.

In my current role, I derive insights based on survey results and direct conversation with the account teams to identify customers’ needs and the appropriate communication approach. As part of ensuring quality in the translation review process, I have also instituted regular deep dives into translated content to identify crucial feedback for our translation vendor.

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